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Because of Markku’s working schedule, take-off to the studio was late
and ’cause I had a lot of time I started to medicate my rising flu
with GLÖGI and Savon viina.
Finally the BIG-M arrived. We picked up Pasi and our mysterious trip
to the village of Sysmä started with Brant Bjork in the stereos.

Somehow I drank my medication and the healing effect
made me almost speechless.
Other guys were very happy.
Quick visit to Pajula and then to Markku’s parents.
Something to eat, then to the sauna and Fokkers were ready to sleep.

What a wonderful morning.
Waking up with your head full of slime and a pleasant smell
of rice porridge in your nose, made by mama Kirves.
That was good and afterwards fokkers looked
like in the 8th month of pregnancy. Shimmering.
Skis to the feet and cross-country skiing to Pajula.
Of course there was a little cookie & hot chocolate break on the way…
A short muscle (not THE short muscle)
warming session in the toilet upon arrival and Pasi was ready to roll.

That bastard spanked bass tracks to 9 songs in 5 hours.
At that point it was time to get some ethnic flavour to the Fokker sound,
so we dropped by to a nearby Kebab restaurant.
Also the market beside the restaurant had such an unbelievable “once in a life” offer,
that we just had to buy some beer, GLÖGI and
a little bottle of “Suomi viina”. Just for flavor.
5 more songs and the job was done.
Pasi had really deserved his vitamin drink.
He worked almost hard as me (A.Fokker) and Markku.

Then it was Markku’s turn and when we heard that sound
everything was clear. We’re creating a MONSTER.
A hairy, big headed, smelly monster with ugly men’s drawers.
But it sounded like God. LoveDolphin’s baritone sound
was like hitting a tin plate with a crow bar. Beautiful!!!

After that it was easy to smile and enjoy a few drinks
with some high class literature like the catalogue of “keltainen ruusu”,
while wonderful recorded live music by Mikä! filled our senses.
Nothing could stop us now. We were on top (of the food chain, at least…)!
Not even Rush’s or Porcupine Tree’s DVD’s could break our self-confidence.
All this and some more just because I, A. fokkin’ Fokker,
was there giving such perfect advices and some “bad air”.
Now it’s proven: you don’t need a shrink and zillions of dollars to make a monster.
Just some fokkers with intergalactic stupidity.

And of course in the morning everything was different.
The monster looked like a tired wet rabbit and A. needed those shrinks….
On our way back to the crime scene life turned out to be worth living again when we heard
“Tapio Rautavaara” singing “Kulkuri ja Joutsen” on the radio.
The day was saved and when the tape was rolling again, Markku’s fingers were on fire.
Me and Pasi fueled Markku to a mad trance with repeated “GO TAPIO GO!!!” shouts.
If there is God, IT lives in Markku’s finger.

Results of the sessions were 14 bass tracks
and some baritones to 6 songs.
Sessions continue at 24.11.06 with some more baritone guitar
and maybe with some regular G-beating.

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