Fokker II poll

It looks like “Fokker II” is going to physical format in a couple of weeks.
Sooo we thought that YOU might want help us to choose first single.

Listen here and give …

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Full album@youtube

Fokkers & Fokkerettes, it is … Friday.
As you may already know, we’ve released a new album.
And now this horrible thing is completely available on YouTube.
For free of course.

It is clear …

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Song #11

At first…It’s Friday and time to party.
And we have news.
Good news & bad news.
Good news: This is the last song from the album and maybe this spamming …

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Song #10

RELAX Frankie, don’t do it. It’s Friday again.

What a wonderful start for the new year is this piece of… #ART.
It’s kind a mess-up of pnuk,metl, rok & cicrus-music playd too …

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Song #9

It’s not just another day, it’s the last fokkin’ Friday of the year 2014.

It’s time to dive into deeper waters.

“Just Another Day” sounds like we finally found Pasi’s absinth stash.
As …

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Song #8

HO-HO-HO,guess who’s coming?!
Or is he maybe LOST?!
Hard to know, but next song is called LOST.
Lost was supposed to be our lightly played pop song, but then came Jakke with his …

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Song #7

Spank it, it’s Friday again!

Next one was called “spank” for some years but then came lyrics.
Now it’s called ”Waiting to happen”.

If you have some scrabble alphabets & 4 minutes for …

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Song #6

-Thought You Knew-
This is a strange Fokker song because it’s just in the middle of mid-tempo.
Normally we play even slow songs too fast, but this goes gently with some kind …

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Song #5

Good evening ladies and gayboys!
Next song is soft song for the soft son of the motherfokker.

Is this strairway to….downstairs or what?!
These guys are now officially OLD.
Sounds like music for sissies, …

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