Because of our earlier disasters with Sysmä’s seducting night life,
we decided to do things in a little bit different way this time.
Goodbye to the city lights, wild women and tasty sahti.
Fokker went to the deepest swamps where no man had ever been before.
At early noon we packed our bags and instruments to Markku’s cousin’s airboat
and started the engine with just one pull. Naturally.
A. was a skipper, Markku kept a lookout for the natives
and Pasi’s work was to detect stones and crocodiles.
There were no crocodiles….
After some hours we arrived to “villa Habanero”
and started to set up the recording equipment.
Night was cold and black so Pasi started to warm some
non-alcohol glögi with raisins.
That was really nice of him ’cause no one can play
with numb fingers and empty belly.
Very soon I (A.Fokker) and Markku started to have doubts
about Pasi’s non-alcoholic weekend.
Sorry to say we were right.
We catched him in action behind a pile of firewood, mixing
a big bottle of Vodka and some EXTRA-glögi.
We were wondering what kind of a curse was spelled on us.
Is it Satan in flesh himself?
Sysmä’s highest black priest “AIMO”
with incredible powers of “PAJAHANSKA” or what it is in God’s sake???!!!

Hope not, otherwise this will be the last track of these Fokkers.

To be continued.
In the next episode of the most exciting sequental story
in the history of the internet:
Audio clips, pics and the night of the living dead….
Stay tuned!



Skipper A., Badass Markku and HawkEye Pasi with a glögi mug.
Dangerous trip to the villa

“Testing, testing”, little soundcheck and we were ready to kick some ass.
At second night Pasi woke up for some night glögi
and what a horrible view there was waiting.
Never before photographed SwampMonster of Sysmä
was eating our sandwiches. This time Pasi drank his glögi raw
without a glögi and slept like child till morning.
Woke up, changed his pants, sheets and started
to do breakfast for us like nothing happened
Nerves of steel.
SwampMonster of Sysmä

You guys may be wondering where is our drum genius Elo
because he’s not shown in pics.Well…. we’re not losted him.
He just has some more important things to do.
What, you might ask? OK, I’ll tell you.
He’s already training for upcoming tour. And what I’ve heard,
he’s skills are evolving nicely.
Lauri at training camp