Lonely days in black Helsinki.
My only friends: guitar, glögi and recording equipment shouting for better playing.
Other Fokkers are at their homes sitting in front of a fireplace,
enjoying brandy and company of best friends in the world.
I don’t even have one. Only a cat who wants to kill me.
It can be very sad when you realize you can’t play songs you’ve made.
There isn’t anyone saying “it’s OK, maybe some day you will…”.
Only small sore fingers and the cat biting your ankle.

Phone rings…
PASI: “Hi this is the BASSTARD, how is the masterpiece evolving champ?
I can come to your place for a listen and maybe drink some beer if you want”
(champ! ok maybe I have a friend (I’m thinking))
I: “I sure have some almost good guitar tracks you maybe want to hear
and it would be very nice if you came by, but I’m sorry to say I don’t have any beer”
PASI:”ok, I just remembered that I have to do some things…Bye.”
I feel like sinking…

What is that buzz in my ears?
Am I going insane?
No it’s just the shitty equipment I’m using.
I have to get grounded.
Maybe it kills me, but baby I don’t care.
That little toe trick removes the buzz, but doesn’t kill me so I have to continue.
Things are getting better and there are a couple of nice takes on the tape.
Vinski (the cat) stops biting (yes!) and goes to the toilet.
I open two windows.
Vinski comes back and starts to scratch my ass.
I look like Rambo with my scars (with the body of E.T.)

Christmas eve:
I have a present.
A pair of socks.
Smells like used ones.

Christmas morning:
Recording guitars….

At Friday before New Years eve I get my Christmas present
Our (mine and Pasi’s) long awaited dream comes true.
We finally meet the queens of the internet radio:
Kelly & Holly from EuroRock-Radio (TEXAS)
and LEE the maharadza of bass guitar (UK).
Really nice time in a bar called “Lost & Found” with some crazy Rasmus fans
and LEE’s sweet girlfriend Linda.
“A couple” of beers, some “salmiakki-kossu”
and lot’s of chatting and smiling faces. Especially Pasi’s. 😉
I even tried to dance with the girls, but my karma
gave me a reminder ’bout who I am.
I lost my wallet immediately.
No worry though ’cause I’m so good at drinkin’
that I had already drank all my cash
and who needs those pieces of plastic anyway. No one.

At the same time Pasi was sleeping in the bus
and managed to return to the square one,
finally awaking back in Helsinki again.
Probably he thought he’d travel for the whole price of the (return?!) ticket.
Pasi’s journey back to home took ’bout 3 hours.
Normally the trip from Helsinki to Puistola takes ’bout 25 minutes.

When you’re a real Fokker, nothing can bring you down.
Afterwards, that night was the best in a long time
(while the next morning was the worst) and we really love our new friends.

Some pics:
Kelly, Antti & Holly (who’s the lucky one?) 😉

LEE (with his sexy new wig), Antti and Linda (who’s the drunken one?)