/ Meryem Valo
QUESTIONS answered by Antti(guitar) & Pasi(bass):

1) Why did you call your band Fokker?
In the beginning that name thing was such a pain in the butt. We even played our first gig as “Ape project” and decided that we really must come up with a “real” name for the band. Fokker was one of the few names that got four thumbs up.

2) When has your band been formed?
In the early 2004 when Antti’s & Pasi’s former band splitted.

3) What are your main influences?
There’s no single band we want to sound like, but mostly our influences come from 80’s and 90’s rock & grunge, while lyrics deal with everything that’s happening to us or around us.

4) Could you define “Aeroplane To Heaven” in a few words?
It’s something old, something new and something stolen, all happily mixed together! What we’ve heard from the other people, our sound is very recognizable and unique.

5) Can we know some about your inspiration to make this album out? What are the lyrics about?
There were so much muffled ideas & energy that those songs came out really easy. 4 of the 5 songs on “Aeroplane To Heaven” are the first Fokker songs ever composed. Our main problem seems to be the time. All the time we seem to have 10 to 20 songs in the queue, just waiting to be trained.

6) Do you have any songs in Finnish? If not, why?
We’ve all played or are still playing in bands that write songs only in Finnish, so we decided to try something new. Another likely reason is that because our music is not really mainstream, the audience in Finland alone would not have been too big, but when just a few people here and there like what we are doing it all adds up and suddenly there’s quite a few people listening to our songs!

7) What do you think of Finnish Rock Scene’s evolution?
On the other hand it’s great that everything is so much more professional these days, but the downside is that some creative insanity and originality is being lost. It’s also a great shame that record companies have become too cautious. No one wants to take any risks and the results are scentless, tasteless and soulless products that no one remembers after a few years.

8) Do you have an idea about the metal scene in Morocco and the Arabic countries?
Unfortunately not, but I guess there is strong underground scene and it would be great to know more! It’s always interesting to hear things done differently from the mainstream, so if you know any good rock/metal -bands from there, let us know!

9) Is there any question that you always wanted people to ask, but you were never asked? What is it and what’s the answer?
What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to Fokker? Discovering MySpace, without a doubt. It’s not that well known here in Finland, but to us it has presented great opportunities in promoting Fokker. We’ve got tons of good feedback from all over the world and met so many great people there who have helped us spread the word. All this wouldn’t have been possible in any other way and we would also like to use this opportunity to thank all those people out there. Keep up the good work!

10) Thanks a lot for your time, the last word is yours.
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Antti Kupila – Guitar & b-vocals
Pasi Piispa – Bass
Markku Kirves – Vocals & b-tone guitar
Lauri Elo -Drums