Hola everyone.
Something strange happened last Saturday….
Fokker played live, after 11 month long break.
Surprise, that was really fun.
Only 3 songs (ride, over and over & insider), but great anyway. 🙂
Maybe we should make that little bit more frequently….

Place was On the rocks in Helsinki,
and we were partying premiere of Lauri’s alter ego E-LOW’s first music video.
That future SMASH HIT is called “Iistist vestiin”.
Couple of weeks ago Lauri did found his inner MC,
so we did gather worst boozers in da hood and made that song & video in couple of hours.
That role suites Lauri really great.
His muscles doesn’t get burdened and his liver is already trained for some exercise.
Enjoy & leave some comments:

Decide yourself how serious is that…. 😉

Some Fokker news:
Now we have almost 10 new songs almost ready for new album.
It will be out “some day”.
What we’ve learned with earlier sessions, is that there is no hurry this time.
Anyway you don’t have to be worried of over produced new Fokker stuff.
It will be the same old crappy sounding Fokker crunching as always….

Hope everything is OK with you fellows
Have a great autumn and remember to rock like FOK!
Ps. We’re trying to get some video stuff to youtube from Saturday,
so don’t hesite to subscribe to new Fokker video channel.