…will be happen. (it might take some years but….)

I activated my “code finger” and here we are again.
Drunk, updatin’ blogs & fokker-pages, but anyway.
In earlier blog there was something ’bout adding videos from Lauri’s wedding party(elo-fest)
and “TA-DAA”, at www.youtube.com/fokkerband is 1st piece of…art available.(after almost year of waiting)
Song is called “Insider” and I think it rocks like three legged drunken moose in a rut can.(or not)
There’s also some major updates in FokkFACEBOOK.
– You can read these blogs
– Watch videos
– Listen some tunes (not same as in myspace)
– Tell us how we suck (nicely of course) 😉
– Add some disturbing pics of us.

Promote your Page too

Rock on fellows,