It’s been a while since the last post, but don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything too interesting! We’re still working on the same songs we’ve been fiddling with for the last two years, so either they’ll be better than anything anyone’s ever heard of or they we’re shitty beyond belief to begin with. Either way, we’re hoping that you can soon have your say, because we’re trying to get the demos finished asap and then park our fat asses to studio, hopefully no later than beginning of 2011…

If you haven’t forgotten us yet, though, better not do it now either, because in the meantime we’re planning on releasing some more new (old) stuff from …Has Landed for you to listen to and download. Maybe here or someplace else, we’ll see and let you know. So if you haven’t been able to take part in our commercial suicide just yet, don’t you worry, your time will come!

So fokkers and sisters, until next time, which will hopefully be sooner than the last one…

Yours truly,
P. Fokker

PS. Fokker is nowadays a three headed beast as we parted ways with E-low. No drama there, though, we just realised that it was getting impossible to get the schedules meet with all the sex (at least for Markku, who is already a father of two), drugs (mostly work, though Antti is known to occasinally have a beer after sauna) and fokk’n’roll.

PPS. This turned out to be a rather dull ramble without any images of naked fokkers to lighten the mood. I’ll probably have to persuade Antti to write a new post soon, as he’s the one with visual (third?) eye…
PPPS. Actually Lauri is a martyr now.
It was just a normal Saturday flight to the bar when I (the pilot) noticed that engines are stopped.
Fokker was in a hell of a “downward spiral of death” and we realized that we have only three parachutes.
Lauri was the man and straight away jumped of the plane without chute and saved fellow fokkers.
Two seconds later I saw it was just Pasi who has took keys from the ignition, because bottle opener was in same keychain.
Just for safety he opened whole beer basket, so we had nice flight to the bar.

All Good Things to E-low who is now rapping with Tupac & some Ol Dirty Bastards (I guess)

PPPPS. The dilemma of a day: Should we ask Mother Fokker to help with drums?
She really knows how to hold stick and beat the shit out of skins…