Antti Kupila (Guitar), Pasi Piispa (Bass), Markku Kirves (Vocals/Baritone Guitar), Lauri Elo (Drums)

Where In Finland Are You From?

Now we’re living in Helsinki

How Would You Describe Your Band For Those Who Don’t Know You?

We are something between in pop & metal, not just ‘hit-choruses’, but if you want some different kind of feelings/emotions just put your headphones on and listen some Fokker. LOUD!

When Did You Form As A Group?


What Was The Inspiration For Your Recent Album?

Just joy of rocking & all the inconveniences in common life

What Other Releases Do You Have?

Our 1st Ep ‘Aeroplane to Heaven’ came out 2006

What Is Your Favorite Song On Your Most Recent Album?

It’s hard to say ’cause we all have our favorites. Sometimes it’s ‘All Good Things’ or ‘Follow’, sometimes it’s ‘Run’ or ‘Insider’ or something between of those….

Do You Have Any Gigs Coming Up?

Sure we have some, but now our focus is in our next release.

What’s Your Favorite Type Of Venue To Play?

Any place if there’s people who’s there for music/rocking.

If You Could Play Anywhere In The World This Week, Where Would It Be?

In some warm place supporting Faith No More would be nice. ;)

Do You Have A Website, Trig, MySpace, Facebook Etc.?

Because we’re ‘whores’, we have those all….

What Are Your Influences As A Band?

There’s too many. Mainly bands with own songs & own style. Older ones maybe…

People Who Enjoy Your Music Tend To Like What Other Bands?

Heh…. People who likes our music are musicians or just tired of all that “hit shit” ;)

Are You Signed To A Label?

Yeah, it’s independent label called “Pajula Records”

Where Do You Think You’ll Be As A Band In 5 Years?

In a different place.

Is There Anything Else People Should Know About Fokker?

Just put your headphones on, close your eyes and listen some of our tunes and if you like those, buy some records….