Finally 1st. of November “Fokker II” comes out.
It’s been long and windy road till this moment from “…Has Landed”(2007), but now wait is over.
(I know 3 fokkers who have been really waiting this)

Next 3 months we will release new song every week with notifications & really important information ’bout song.
Here’s the first one.

1st song is called “Around And Around”
Working title was “pippurs” because someone got some Rhcp vibes from it.
Later we did find some Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Jailbird.
Chorus is like Johnny Cash on speed and part-C rocks like Lenny Kravitz who has hurt his head.
Heh, now we’re talking ’bout original masterpiece.

The lyrics are about some poor badluckdude who’s really good in…failing.
Like Antti (name changed)

“falling from up high
that on my way down
I may somehow miss the ground”

1. Around And Around @ Spotify