Thank god it’s fokday and time for new song.

Song 2 – Good Boy

Good Boy is one of the oldest tunes on the album and started it’s life with a working title “Megabomb”.

At first it was the EMO song of Fokker, but in the end turned into something different instead. Which is kind of nice, as black eyeliner never made us look better (those who’ve seen the photos know and won’t forget).
Specialties of this treat include a “reggae” part that has nothing to do with reggae and some semi-serious swordplay between the guitars.

The tune itself, however, might be slightly too happy for the story, which was written after one ”good boy” had had enough and decided to play god with really sad consequences.

“they’re piling bricks on your back
just to see how much weight
will it take before your spine breaks”