It’s Friday the 14th bitches and time to roll!

Next up is “Buying Time”, also known as ”Chip” (due to some random placeholder lyrics that almost ended up on the album, as one of us was too lazy to write real ones).

The song’s lazy as well, created under the influence of Brant Bjork,Constantines, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX (official) and maybe even Linkin Park. What a mess!

But as always, in the end you can’t hear any of those.

However, if you listen carefully, you can hear acoustic guitars and some other girly things. And in the chorus (is there a chorus?) there’s also Antti’s favorite guitar effect called ”uliuli”.

The ”story” of the day is that of a perfect, beautiful relationship. Not.

“and you’re still waiting for me
to feed you with promises
I don’t intend to keep
but you wanna believe”