It’s only “Rock My Boat”, but I like it!
Happy fokkin friday to everyone.

Got big plans with this hit, because nothing can go wrong if the song starts with a honky tonk cowbell rhythm and a fuzz guitar from HIM song.

And then comes the verse.

Every shaking sweaty ass freezes instantly and I can see my future as the ”rock’n’roll sex-machine” flying out of the window.

But hey, it starts rolling again and soon I can hear that sweet sound of cowbell in my head. Makes me want to raise my tail, take a shit, eat hay and roar MOOOOO!
Not actually, but it rocks nicely again.

(After 2nd chorus, guitar player does all these things in three seconds.)

This is also a unique Fokker song in a sense that lyrics are actually somewhat positive.

Keep on rockin’ it baby!

“you’re rocking my boat
but I like it
it’s hard to hide
’cause I like it
rock my boat
I like it
oh yeah”