-Thought You Knew-
This is a strange Fokker song because it’s just in the middle of mid-tempo.
Normally we play even slow songs too fast, but this goes gently with some kind of a “fists in the air” groove.
We’ve heard many times that there’s some RUSH in the chorus, but….hard to say.

Story is like Finland today, S.A.D.

“you never asked much to begin with
and now you got nothing
can’t even fool yourself thinking
you still have it coming
not in this life nor in the next
’cause the god you thought you knew
has turned blind and deaf

what can you do?
who can you call?
where’s the superior to complain to?
the line’s dead
no dial tone
no one hears or wants to know”

btw: After second chorus our bass player fell asleep over the keyboards and guitarist tried all the tricks he thought you knew.
Dreams were sweet.

btw2: In the last chorus you can hear some jingleballs. HO-HO-HOooo….