Spank it, it’s Friday again!

Next one was called “spank” for some years but then came lyrics.
Now it’s called ”Waiting to happen”.

If you have some scrabble alphabets & 4 minutes for a rock/pop song you may get something like this.
Some “acdc”, “d.a.d.”, “a.b.b.a”, fkkr, etc… With too much of playing everything.
Jakke did create a nice “dance-beat” to the verse with his wooden cowbell (Arto’s penaal) and Part-C almost grows (waiting to happen).

Antti’s favorite moment takes place at 3:15 when Markku’s tractor (baritone guitar) wakes up.

Accidents happen, so be careful & watch your back!

“like paper and fire
we get along more than fine
and I don’t mind
getting burnt once in a while
I’m pretty good at getting hurt ’cause
it happens all the time

you are an accident
just waiting to happen
and I’m your helpless victim
so what do you say
ain’t we a match made
in heaven or what?”