HO-HO-HO,guess who’s coming?!
Or is he maybe LOST?!
Hard to know, but next song is called LOST.
Lost was supposed to be our lightly played pop song, but then came Jakke with his hard, heavy & tattooed hands.
Beatles turned to Baroness, but like every time, you can not hear either of them.

Conversation with mister Producer:
fokker: Hi mr this will be our next HIT called Lost
mr.: this is not a Hit
fok: What you mean? Listen those great turns & twisted melodies.
mr:those stupid guitars must go. Same thing with that horrible outro that doesn’t even belong to this song. We’ll change it with catchy new chorus I ordered from genius twins: Maki&Jimi
fkkr: BUT you can’t deny greatness of lyrics!
mrP: I hate Lost, Blue & being lonely, and the rest is pure shit. Right now Jimi is writing better lyrics. Something like “I’m a star, you’re a star, there’s star in the sky, but it’s too far”. THIS will be a HIT!

You can guess is this our or his version.

“so lost, lonely and blue
will you find a way or will the way find you?
we will see

ain’t no such things as simple answers
truths are as many as are believers
and those who claim to know directions
seem more lost than all the others”