It’s not just another day, it’s the last fokkin’ Friday of the year 2014.

It’s time to dive into deeper waters.

“Just Another Day” sounds like we finally found Pasi’s absinth stash.
As you may hear, ”mr. Producer” faded himself away as an un-wanted person, so
the defeat is entirely on us.
This was originally meant to be a kind of “heavier” song, but it’s actually kind of nice to
hear that the outcome has a lot of air around its bones.

At 1:55 you can find some great bass-lines.
Actually it took a couple of hours to break mr. Bass player’s trance, but it
was worth of it. Everything is ok now.

This is also a special song ’cause there’s a part where you can almost hear some HOPE in it.
Let that hope lead you to year 2015!

“after digging ourselves a hole
we can’t get out of on our own
we settle in, get comfortable
and start calling it home”