RELAX Frankie, don’t do it. It’s Friday again.

What a wonderful start for the new year is this piece of… #ART.
It’s kind a mess-up of pnuk,metl, rok & cicrus-music playd too fast.
(wrote wrong/played wrong)
Lyrics are ’bout frustration, when you just want to get home soon and sink your ass to a couch, but there’s some “challenges” on your way.
Of course story is all fictional because we don’t have jobs, any kind of rush, homes, cars or even beer.
We just like to whine. Byhyhyyyy….

This one goes to 11

“there is always at least one last minute change
when you think you’re done
can’t say, no way
and you don’t even get paid for doing overtime
can’t fight

sit back!
legs up!
shut up!”

v2. update
Love, Love, Love & RELAXing music for everyone because it’s Friday.
Here’s a song you might heard somewhere before.
Imagine warmth of a fireplace, satin sheets,
gentle touch of the loved one and fokker trickling out from your stereos.
What could be a better way to spend weekend?!
Sounds good, but there’s something wrong in the formula.
Those fokkin chimps are ruining the atmosphere again.

Maybe it’s just better to put your rubber boots on and start running.
“Relax” is good for that.

“no no no no no more these kind of days
no no no no no more pointless rage
no more asking who’s waiting and who’s already paid
everyone will get their turn
your turn is now
no no no no no more these kind of days
no no no no no more pointless rage”