At first…It’s Friday and time to party.
And we have news.
Good news & bad news.
Good news: This is the last song from the album and maybe this spamming stops after this (we know you wish)
Bad news: This is the last song….. OK, there’s only good news.
This bullying has lasted too long and we know it can be TOO MUCH for anyone.
(except for these 3 dikcheads from Helsinki)
So brighter times are just around the corner and they smile just like Miley, Justin, Psy & Nicki in donkey’s ass.
Take a seat, lean back, open the radio & enjoy all that great musi… Shut that radio and start listening Fokker non-stop!
You will become a better human, hot as shit, shine like Nicki’s ass and learn to fly.
And this is all so true. Yes it is.
And if some day you’re still without these superpowers, it means listen more Fokker.

This might be too much, but this is “Too MUCH”

“same game again without the will to win
you throw the dice but even it won’t spin
and you know just how it goes
you’ll end up back to the starting point
beaten once again to the ground

tell me where is the gain
going on like this prolonging pain
fighting over martyr’s glory
who said stupidity ain’t holy
do as you wish but I’ll pass

there’s comfort in giving up
no more explaining or blaming luck
’cause when there’s nothing worth winning
losing ain’t such a big thing
all you got to do is let go”