This autumn we’ve been training like maniacs for the forthcoming 1st Fokker album.
It will be released at 21.3.2007 by Pajula Records.
Sessions start on Oct. 23, 2006 at Kujalandia studios (Lahti/Finland) and the agenda will be: Drums to the tape > some beer to Fokkers > Fokkers to the sauna > Sweating ’til dawn with complete preparation against the dehydration.
We’ve got some working titles such as:
Feeling that you got, Dig a hole, Rope, Run, Scapegoat, “Blind melon”, “Acid”, “Slow”, “Picky”, “Tempo”, “Tadadadaa”,”Midnight oil”, “313” and “Gothic Sawyer”.
After Kujalandia, the next chapter will be “Some bass-bombing to the tape” (if we ever get our bomber back from Egypt (the land of mummified bass-players)).
Then some geetars, vocals and background barking.

There’s more to come, so stay tuned!